5-Day AB BLAST Fitness & Nutrition Challenge

Want stronger & slimmer abs? 

Yes, you say? Perfect! Join this 5-day challenge to get started to jump start shedding the extra belly fat & strengthening the muscles hiding below the "fluff". :-) 

During this AB BLAST challenge, you will receive daily emails that will include a daily fitness plan with a demo video. This will help to build stronger ab muscles.

You will also receive daily nutritional suggestions that will help you to shed the belly fat. Along the way you will also receive daily motivational messages to help you keep going.

SIGN UP below, then invite your friends and family to join the challenge with you. 

“Great challenge...I loved it! After week 1 I had lost an inch in my waste. I think it was part nutrition and part exercise, because I followed the plan 100%. My husband was extra accountability and he made sure I finished the entire challenge and I feel great because of it. I feel a change in my strength and performance. Kandice, you are a great coach and did a great job with the challenge. When is the next one? :-)”

Michelle C., Former Professional Cheerleader

“I missed my exercises yesterday, so I did Day #4 today! I'm already feeling stronger and was able to do the straight leg hold without stopping! Woohoo!! I also appreciate all of the helpful eating tips Kandice! I feel like I'm a healthy eater, but I've really enjoyed learning more with the bite-sized tidbits of info you're giving us! Makes it feel much more manageable. Thanks!!”

Jennifer K. Work from home entreprenuer

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