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Want a Sneak Peak Inside The Challenge?

The 21 day Ab Challenge is one component of The Fit Formula fitness and nutrition coaching program. In this challenge, we'll focus on key elements of weight loss including Mindset, Meals and Movement with the focus on the ABS! Take a quick peak! 
  1. MINDSET: Your willpower and mindset are muscles that need to be worked ALL THE TIME! The daily inspiration and motivational tips that you will receive will help you to keep your mindset STRONG. 
  2. MEALS: We've all heard the phrase "abs are made in the kitchen". Each day you will receive tips and tricks on how to shift your nutrition to help shed the belly fat that's covering up your fantastic 6-pack! 
  3. MOVEMENT: Nutrition will help shed the belly fat and core work (exercises) will help build the muscle underneath. You'll have a daily fitness plan, that will take no more than 15-20  minutes.  These  targeted  exercises  will do an awesome job in helping to strengthen your ab muscles.